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Innovative Practice Grants: Call for Applications

Do you have a project or idea you’d like to share with other rural teachers?

Are your students involved in place-based learning in your community?

Have you discovered imaginative ways to enrich educational opportunities for your rural students?

Beginning in 2011, the UBC Eleanor Rix Professorship will award grants of $400 each to British Columbia public school teachers who have developed innovative classroom or school based projects relevant to rural settings. Projects should be creative, collaborative and adaptable to other rural and small school contexts.

Successful applicants will be asked to imaginatively document their projects for the “Teaching” section of www.ruralteachers.com as, for example, photo essays, slide shows, videos or podcasts. Applications will again be accepted between September 30-Ocober 31st 2011.

Please contact Linda Farr Darling for more details. linda.darling@ubc.ca

To see some of the fine work done with the help of this program, click HERE.

For information on new Growing Innovation grants, click HERE.

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