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Investigating Our Practices (IOP) Conference – 2015

IOP 2015 Conference | May 2
UBC Vancouver | Faculty of Education

Teaching is demanding and complex work, made more difficult if we try to do it in isolation or without sharing and exploring our understandings together. In order to better understand and improve our teaching practice, many of us engage in classroom, program or institution-based investigations focusing on the what, the how and the why of our practice.

On May 2, 2015 UBC hosts the 18th Annual IOP Conference, where practicing education professionals and students come together to share their questions, investigations and understandings about their practice. As 2014-15 marks the Year of Research in Education – advancing teacher education and educational research through innovative and collaborative initiatives that reflect diversity, equity, and originality – the 18th Annual IOP Conference welcomes proposals related to this theme.

The conference stresses dialogue among participants; presentations are intended to provoke and inform discussion. These exchanges typically fall within the following areas of inquiry:

the preparation of practitioners
the ongoing education of practitioners
the focus on classroom practice
the context of practice (e.g., social, political and cultural analysis of practice)
researching practice (e.g., teacher inquiry/action)

The online Call for Proposals is now open, and closes on March 2, 2015. Proposals are invited in three formats:

Submit a proposal for an individual or group session. We want challenging, relevant, interactive presentations that showcase how you have been investigating some dimension of teaching practice. Session time should be divided equally between provoking discussion by providing access to your understandings and providing opportunity for others to discuss your conclusions.
Host a roundtable discussion. You have a critical question you would like to discuss with other practitioners and you are willing to initiate and moderate a conversation, perhaps based on your own experience or research.
Prepare a poster session. The poster format is ideal for the visual presentation of research results, a program of research or research activities of a group.


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