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New Exploring New Pathways is Here!

From the growing Growing Innovation archive or documentation conversations (numbering 300 and counting!), the first “Exploring New Pathways in Educational Change” developed the question of engagement in education. This one takes on assessment. What do rural educators say about assessment? How is it changing? What is it for? And why is it important to engage such questions, both as a form of educational leadership, and in developing education in concert with its communities and places?

This pathway takes assessment through a number of “steps,” each with questions to consider in conversations to be had:

1. The Contexts and Scope of Assessment
2. The Difficulty and Challenge of Assessment
3. Educators Reengaging Assessment
4. Assessment’s “Mysteries” Made Visible
5. The Assessment “Machine” vs. “Huge Possibility”
6. Coda: On Inexpert Multidisciplinary Assessment Development
7. Extensions: Pedagogy & Selected Bibliography

Get on the pathway and join the conversation!  Or check out all past and current Growing Innovation projects , or lost of project and thematic documentation.

And please look forward to another new pathway, this one on curriculum, as 2018 proceeds. Rural educators are taking education important places, now more than ever!

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