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A Partnership Development Grant!

From the Spring of 2019 to Spring 2022, Growing Innovation will be leading part of a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) partnership development grant, created to “investigate when and how educational change networks in rural and remote settings can make a difference in teacher professional development, student learning, and larger curriculum change initiatives.” Using a case study methodology in collaborative rural education research of the kind developed in Growing Innovation, the partnership will to study the “strengths, practices and structures within two existing rural education change networks developed through learning partnerships between British Columbia’s Ministry of Education, 5 Faculties of Education at geographically dispersed universities, and 16 BC school districts distributed across the province.” The study aims to build upon the success of educational change networks across all educational settings, as essential to developing student and teacher capacity as 21st-century learners and enabling systems-level transformation.

Here’s the much of the research team, hard at work in November of 2019:

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