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“Values of Doukhobor Community” Video Links

A Visual Overview of the Project – with thanks to Moira Simpson and William Fritzberg:

“Exploring Values of Doukhobor Community”

Below is a rich, diverse and probing collection of student videos from the Values of Doukhobor Community:  Then and Now.  This Growing Innovation project in SD #10 deepened the bonds between young people, elders and community members.  60 to 90 second films were created by multi-graded groups of students in grades 8-12 at Lucerne School in New Denver, BC.  They express the students’ inquiries into the values and significance of our Doukhobor heritage.  As was apparent at the public screening in November 2011, and in the months since, the students’ work has helped explore and acknowledge the value of Doukhobor culture in our community, and heal the wounds of past injustices.

The titles are links to youtube videos, which open in a new window:


“Burning of the Firearms”

“A Long Way to Go”

“Peter Verigan”

“Clothing & Sustainability”


“Helping Others, Helping You”

“Forgetting the Past”

“Behind the Chain Linked Fence”

“Gunless Sons”

“Doukhobor Values”

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