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Haida Gwaii (SD # 50) – Masset

From the Haida Gwaii project, run by Leighann Rodger, we have a nice collection of images!

As part of the school-wide outdoor education program, students receive paddle board instruction from Shelly, who is also SD#50 Human Resources Director and community volunteer:


The school wide program engages parents, members of the PAC, volunteers and other community members in joining the students. Today, 18 adults were present for the day, along with toddlers:


The lesson pays off and a group of students enjoy a beautiful day in a calm bay:


One of the parents lit a fire, while members of the PAC made lunch for students, parents and volunteers:


Groups of students enjoyed exploring a cave, complete with fossils, and a remnant from WWII:


At George M Dawson Secondary School in Masset, teacher Daniel Schulbeck runs an outdoor classroom. Here he is with the Garden House, translated from the Haida language::


The greenhouse also benefits from a composting initiative supported by the Coop Grocery store and operated by students in the Outdoor classroom program:


Spinach, one of many plants started inside the school before transplanting in the greenhouse:


As part of the project, the students keep chickens in the greenhouse for eggs and food:


Haida art adorns the walls at George M. Dawson SS:



(With thanks to Pat Dooley for the images)

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