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Including All Children and Families: Expanding Partnership Project

The photos below were taken as part of the “Including All Children and Families: Expanding Partnership Project”.  Through this project, we, Maya Goldstein, Mary Stewart and Mari Pighini went on a few visits to rural communities during 2011 to collect data.  One study was about parents’ experiences of raising a child with a disability in a rural or remote community in BC and the other one was on how parents are accessing or want to access information on their child’s health.  We also presented and talked with service providers for the early years in those communities, which involved driving long distances from one place to another.  For more information please visit our website HERE.

Frozen Christina Lake, on the drive from Castlegar to Grand Forks on #3 road, February, 2011

Big trucks on #3 road, February, 2011

Kettle River, Grand Forks, February, 2011

Mari, Mary and Maya near Colin’s house in the outskirts of Grand Forks, a log house which he built, February, 2011 (Photo: Colin Begg)

Mountains around Smithers, April 2011

Hudson Bay ski area, above Smithers, April 2011

Mountains all around Smithers, April 2011

Views from Revelstoke on the way from Kelowna to Golden, a five hour drive, June 2011

One of many avalanche areas on the Trans Canada Highway, on the way to Golden, June 2011

Nice views on the way to Golden, Glacier National Park, June 2011

Mountain views from the Stewart family’s back yard in Golden, June 2011

A badminton game with Carli and Chase (and their cat), Mary’s niece and nephew in Golden, June 2011

The Kicking Horse River, Golden

Apple tree in Laura and Murray’s yard in Kingfisher, September 2011

Already prepared for winter – wood shed in Kingfisher , September 2011

Family Spray Park in Fort Nelson, it was -20c that day. November 2011

An interesting road sign in Fort Nelson First Nation Reserve, November 2011

Views from the plane on the flight from Fort Nelson to Dawson Creek, November 2011

First snowstorm for the winter in Dawson Creek, November, 2011

The Alberta Pool Elevator in Dawson Creek, which is now a museum, November, 2011

Dawson Creek is where the Alaska Highway starts, November, 2011

A street in Dawson Creek after one day of snow, November, 2011

Swiss Bakery in Dawson Creek, November, 2011

Dawson Creek Airport, luckily we were able to take off, November 2011

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