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Initial Artifacts & Documentation: Exploring Virtual Reality through 360 degree Video

We looked at different options and decided to start on a project that would tie in to an inquiry.

We chose the Charleshays Secondary School Totem Pole – located right in front of the school.  This totem pole has some history to it and we thought that this would lead to an excellent inquiry-based option where student could investigate further the questions, issues and problems that came with erecting the pole.

The pole was carved by Henry Green and what is interesting about this pole is that the
First Nations elders consider this pole “Not finished”. It is a unique pole with student crest carved in the middle and the whale which is mainly found at the bottom of the pole is actually on top. (The whale symbolize among others – community and protection).

This led to some interesting questions and hence the inquiry. What next: We are in the stages where we are trying to figure out the best way to capture the pole via 360 (most probably a drone) and or still images stitched together (like a 3D model – see sitka spruce avi – project with Coast Mountain Community College) which would differ from the 360 project that we initially thought of.

Here is a project storyboard (.pdf opens in a new page)

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