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Initial Artifact & Documentation: Sparking Student Engagement with Immersive VR Experiences

This photo was taken in a grade 1 class in Cranbrook exploring the design process of building a robot.  They are using an app called “Within”:

Two students using an iPad to explore a VR experience about robots. 

Both students have shown a reluctance and difficulty participating in regular classroom activities. Both were deeply engaged and were even able to produce and respond to activities after the VR experiences. Our team has started observing student behavior and experience through a different lens and attempting to qualify student engagement in relation to AR/VR beyond the easily observable signs such as excitement.

Our project is focused on VR, but open to AR – which we are quickly seeing might be the way that larger applications or whole class implementation will be going due to the constraints of VR. Our next step is to purchase 2 VR headsets to see how this affects student attention and engagement.

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