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Challenges and Place-Based Solutions in Rural Music Education

From Anita Prest we are pleased to present a report on some important ongoing research in place-based rural  music education, presented at the UBC Faculty of Education’s Investigating Our Practices conference in May, 2011. It represents a step toward a systematic study by which to outline common issues and unique solutions that music educators, administrators, and interested community members could use as a resource.  See a Word Doc of the text HERE.  For a .pdf of Anita’s presentation, click HERE.

Researcher Profile

Anita Prest is a PhD student in Curriculum and Pedagogy (Music Education) at UBC.  She taught concert band, jazz band, choir, general music, music theatre, and music composition in a small rural school in Keremeos, BC for 16 years. She has a Master of Music (Wind Conducting) from the University of Calgary, and a Bachelor of Music (Music Education) from the University of Victoria. For ten years, she was the artistic director and committee member of the Music Under the ‘K’ Festival, a community/school initiative in Keremeos that promoted school and community music education, community music engagement, and economic revitalization. Her research interests include: the effects of social capital generated by school/community musical partnerships on community conceptions of the value of music education and how a change in conception might affect student engagement in school music; challenges and place-based solutions in providing music education in rural communities; and the ramifications of policy and governance decisions on the availability of music education in rural school districts.

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